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It’s Sunday.
The preacher steps into the pulpit.

The preacher is called by God to proclaim Christ.
Him crucified and risen.
Who am I to be given this task?
I’m broken.
A sinner.
My words ring hollow
They are not new or creative
It has all been said before

I am not worthy
I am too proud
Pride brings out my anger
I am self-righteous
Self-righteousness brings indignation
I am self-consumed
Self-consumption reveals a less than humble heart
I am plagued with worry and fright

King David took what he wanted,
Even human flesh
And has
His conquest’s

St. Paul calls himself the foremost of sinners
A blasphemer
A persecutor
A man of violence

Jesus is born to a teenage girl
A girl of no status,
No importance.

I don’t deserve this calling
Yet, God calls
God picks me up from the depths of my sin
And says, “You, you are my beloved.”
God plucks me out of the darkness and calls me to follow
God claims me in the waters of baptism

My fear is drowned
My indignation is drowned
The water and the Word pour over me
Transforming pride into humility
I am drenched in God’s promise
And I am consumed by God’s forgiveness
I emerge from the waters that kill the way I am
The way that I want to be
I emerge given new life
A life marked with the cross of Christ

The preacher preaches
Knowing that God is working through the proclamation
The words have power
They are God’s words
They are less than perfect
But so is the preacher
Still, God is present
Using the weak
Using the unassuming
Using the unexpected
Using all that God has claimed